Your smile is unique and powerful; why not be confident with it! A common issue people struggle with is being satisfied with the colour or shade of their teeth. That’s why we offer teeth whitening near you so you can achieve a beautiful, bright smile! If you are looking to receive teeth whitening in South Edmonton, contact our dental clinic today to determine if you are the right candidate for this procedure!

teeth whitening in south edmonton

Interested in Receiving Teeth Whitening Treatment Near You?

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities when it comes to receiving treatments and procedures. During a consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth and discuss any concerns you may have about the process. They will also search for any underlying issues that might get in the way of successful whitening treatment. You can also talk to your dentist about your smile goals, and they will determine if this procedure is suitable for you.

Before receiving professional teeth whitening, it is recommended that you have your teeth cleaned thoroughly by one of our dental hygienists. We take pride in providing the best treatments that will help the appearance of your smile and help with your overall oral health.

teeth whitening near you

How Do I Know if I am Eligible for Teeth Whitening?

Although this procedure is a safe and trusted process, it does not mean everyone can receive teeth whitening treatments. There are specific scenarios where your dentist may not recommend you go forward with this treatment. These scenarios include:

  • Those with sensitive teeth
  • Those who have allergies to certain whitening ingredients
  • Those below the age of 16
  • Those with gum disease, cavities, or exposed roots
  • If you have fillings or crowns

It is essential to keep in mind that you cannot whiten fillings, crowns, or porcelain replacement teeth when seeking teeth whitening in South Edmonton. If you do have any of these, you may want to replace them so that they blend in with your whitened natural teeth.

Schedule a Consultation with Our South Edmonton Dental Clinic

If you struggle with sensitive teeth, receiving teeth whitening in South Edmonton may be challenging; however, it is not impossible. During your consultation, let us know if you experience tooth sensitivity, and we will try our best to come up with a solution. We work hard in maximizing your comfort while minimizing any adverse effects that may arise after the treatment is completed.

If you consider teeth whitening in South Edmonton, contact our dental clinic today to schedule a consultation! At Legacy Dental, we strive to provide exceptional teeth whitening near you!