Dental Crowns Near You

Dental crowns are caps that are customized to be placed over the entire surface of your tooth. Metals were typically used to make dental crowns in the past; however, they were very noticeable and easy to spot in the mouth. With today’s technology, all-ceramic dental crowns are offered, which help restore your natural smile by blending in with your real teeth! Ceramic dental crowns are equally as durable as a metal crown, and with proper care, your dental crown can last for up to ten years or more! Looking for an office that offers dental crowns in South Edmonton? We are happy to offer dental crowns near you.

dental crown in south edmonton

When is a Dental Crown Recommended & Why?

A dental crown’s goal is to restore a damaged tooth and save it from extraction. As well as being part of preventative care, dental crowns also provide cosmetic benefits! You may need a dental crown for the following reasons:

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • A broken or fractured tooth
  • Acquired a dental implant
  • Received a dental bridge
  • Need to seal a treated tooth (root canal therapy)
  • Misshapen tooth
  • Discoloured tooth

Because your dentist will need to file down your tooth to fit the dental crown permanently, we try our best to find other alternatives before recommending this procedure. When there are no other viable treatments or options available, we will move forward with this procedure. If you are interested in receiving dental crowns in South Edmonton, contact our dental clinic today!

What to Expect When Receiving a Dental Crown in South Edmonton

If you are receiving a dental crown, the procedure will be completed over two appointments. During the first appointment, your dentist will resize your tooth so that the height will fit. Your dentist will also take impressions of your tooth, which will then be used to custom create your crown to the correct and desired size, shape, and colour. The fabrication of your dental crown can take a few weeks, so your dentist will place a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

At the second appointment, your dentist will permanently adhere the dental crown onto your tooth. Once your dental crown is put in place, the function and appearance of your tooth will be restored. If you are looking into receiving dental crowns in South Edmonton, call our dental clinic today to request a consultation. At Legacy Dental, we strive to provide you with the best dental crowns near you! Our dental team works hard in customizing treatment plans to cater to your needs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedure or other treatments we offer, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

We provide high-quality dental crowns in South Edmonton. Contact us today to learn more about receiving dental crowns near you.

Dental Bridges Near You

Are you looking to fill a gap between one or many missing teeth? At Legacy Dental, we offer dental bridges in South Edmonton as an restorative dentistry treatment option. Call us to learn more about receiving dental bridges near you.

dental bridges in south edmonton

What are Dental Bridges?

There are three or more crowns that are connected to each other in a dental bridge. The strongest crown of the three is the one that will be replacing the missing tooth. The two natural teeth on either side of the space act as anchors for the bridge.

Receiving dental bridges in South Edmonton is an excellent method in restorative dentistry since it restores the function of your teeth. As well, dental bridges serve as a part of cosmetic dentistry because it helps fill in unwanted gaps so you can smile with confidence.

There are many different types of different dental bridges near you offered. The best kind of dental bridge for you depends on the gap and the number of missing teeth. If you are interested in receiving dental bridges in South Edmonton, we are happy to give you more information over the phone or during a consultation.

Traditional Dental Bridges

These dental bridges are made up of one or multiple false teeth that are supported by crowns. The natural teeth that surround the gap hold and support the anchoring crowns. A dental bridge replaces gaps all around the mouth, even between the molars.

The largest number of teeth you can restore in a single dental bridge is six with a six-unit dental bridge. It is also vital to understand that your dentist will have to remove your tooth enamel before replacing it with a crown. Because your tooth’s enamel cannot grow back, your teeth will always need a crown to protect them.

Benefits of Getting Dental Bridges Near You

The following are some of the issues that dental bridges can address:

  • Renewing your smile
  • Restoring your chewing capability
  • Holding your remaining natural teeth in the right position
  • Readjusting your bite

The Recovery Process

Typically, the recovery process for dental bridges is quick. You will most likely to be able to resume your normal activities within a day or two. Tenderness and soreness in the mouth can result from the reshaping required to fit the dental crowns. You may also experience some bleeding on your gums.

The pain should subside in a couple of days; however, your gums will need a couple weeks to recover completely. If you are looking to receive dental bridges near you, contact our dental clinic today for a consultation! We provide dental bridges in South Edmonton.