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A dental emergency is any situation that requires immediate medical attention, including severe oral pain, trauma to the face or jaws, and injuries to the teeth or gums. Many patients believe they have to wait to get dental treatment if they are experiencing an emergency, but that simply isn't true. A dental emergency can be life-threatening, so it's best to call your dentist immediately for dental emergency care Edmonton AB if you are bleeding profusely or have a tooth that's broken and cannot be restored. 

Common Dental Emergencies Explained

You may not realize this, but dentists are trained to treat a variety of medical problems as well. Sometimes, a patient will come in with a medical issue, such as an infection or a broken tooth caused by an accident. Other patients may suffer from severe toothaches due to decay. In all cases, the dentist will do their best to save the tooth and help the patient feel better with dental emergency care Edmonton AB. In some cases, oral surgery or even extraction is necessary.

Here are some of the most common dental emergencies you may encounter throughout your treatment:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are the last of your adult teeth to emerge. Unfortunately, they often cause more problems than they solve. These teeth are at great risk of becoming impacted – which means the teeth are unable to fully erupt through the gums. This can cause a number of issues, including infection and damage to surrounding teeth. In most cases, your dentist will recommend removing the wisdom teeth to prevent future problems.


A dental abscess is a painful infection that develops in the gums. They are often caused by a bacterial infection that develops in a tooth with untreated gum disease. An abscess usually forms at the root of the tooth, where the nerve and pulp are housed. The dentist will remove the abscess and drain the infection so that it doesn't spread. Pain medication will be prescribed to help the patient cope with the pain caused by the abscess.

Broken Teeth

Teeth can break in a number of ways, either from an injury, tooth decay, or biting down on something hard. Whatever the reason for breaking your tooth, you should seek immediate dental care. Putting off seeing a dentist could lead to complications like infections, nerve damage, and even loss of the tooth. Your dentist will try to save the tooth with dental emergency care Edmonton AB using composite fillings or a dental crown to restore functionality.

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