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Posted by Legacy Dental Clinic Feb 15, 2023

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A wisdom tooth is the third and final set of molars that emerge in the back corners of the mouth. This is the last set to grow in, and typically do so between the ages of fifteen to twenty. Most people have four wisdom teeth, but it is possible to have more or less than four.

If wisdom teeth grow in properly with plenty of room, they are called “erupted”. Eruption is not necessarily a good thing, however. If the wisdom teeth do not have enough space to emerge, they can become impacted. Impacted teeth lead to a host of issues such as infection, crowding, cysts, and more. Even if your wisdom teeth are impacted, they can still be removed if necessary.

Why Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

Your third molars, or wisdom teeth, may not need removal if they are healthy and properly positioned in your mouth. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case for most people. When a tooth is impacted, it means it does not fully emerge through the gums and has nowhere to go but under them. This can lead to pain, infection, and damage to surrounding teeth. Removing an impacted tooth is recommended to prevent these issues and protect your oral health.

Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted, however, and you may live pain-free with healthy wisdom teeth that do not need removal. The best way to find out if you need your wisdom teeth removed is to visit your dentist for a comprehensive examination. Without proper treatment, the gum tissue around the an impacted wisdom tooth can become infected. This can cause severe pain, and the tissue and bone around the your tooth may become damaged. Impacted wisdom teeth that are left untreated may also cause damage to the nerves in your teeth, causing permanent damage to your smile.

Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Your jaw will be numbed before the surgery, but you may still feel pressure as the tooth is extracted. The tooth may be divided into pieces for removal or it may come out in one piece. After the tooth is removed, the gum is sutured. You will receive care instructions after your treatment. Recovery time varies from person to person, but it usually only takes a few days to a week to return to your normal activities. If your work or school schedule requires strenuous activity, you may need to take more time off.

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