Protect Your Smile With General Dentistry

Posted by Dr. Nguyen Nov 06, 2022

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General dentistry involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common dental health issues, including cavities and gum disease. Your general dentist can provide routine checkups and help you maintain your oral health for a lifetime. The dentist also examines your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. If you need dental treatment for any condition, a general dentist can provide it.

Common General Dentistry Procedures

Tooth Fillings

The dentist may recommend a tooth filling after removing tooth decay from your tooth. Fillings are used to repair problems with the structure of the tooth, such as the enamel or dentin. Your dentist may use fillings made of composite resin, porcelain, gold, silver amalgam, and other metals to restore teeth that have been damaged by cavities and decay. After numbing the tooth and surrounding area, the dentist will remove any damaged or decayed tissue from the center of the tooth and then clean the cavity until it is free of debris. Then, they will apply the filling material to the prepared tooth and shape it to fit your bite. Finally, your dentist will harden the filling using a curing light in order to ensure that it is strong and can last for years without leaking or breaking apart.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown may be used to restore a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay or a fracture. This restoration can also be done after root canal therapy to restore the tooth’s strength and appearance. Porcelain crowns have a translucent appearance and are matched to the color and shape of your other teeth, making them a popular choice for restoring your smile. During your procedure, our dentists will prepare your tooth and then take an impression of it to send to an outside lab where your crown will be custom-made just for you. Once it is returned, we will then cement it into place to give your tooth the restored strength it needs. This procedure usually takes two appointments to complete.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure that removes infected pulp tissue from the tooth, cleans out the tooth, and restores the area with a filling or dental crown. Many patients feel relief within hours of treatment. If you experience continuing pain after this treatment, contact our general dentist right away.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic treatment that replaces one or multiple missing teeth in a row. It literally bridges the gap left behind by the missing tooth or teeth with one or more replacement artificial teeth, which are held in place by dental crowns. Typically made of porcelain fused to metal for extra strength, the dental bridges are unnoticeable when patients speak or smile. These procedures are only recommended after adjacent teeth are healthy and strong since the dental bridge must be firmly attached to the neighboring teeth for support.

If you are interested in learning more about general dentistry, we invite you to contact us at Legacy Dental today to schedule your next appointment with us! You can also book online by using our convenient online form. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream smile soon!

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