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Nightguards are plastic mouthpieces that are worn while sleeping. They help prevent damage to teeth, especially from nighttime teeth grinding.

A nightguard is a plastic or acrylic appliance that’s custom made to fit your teeth perfectly. It’s molded to your mouth and is designed to keep teeth from grinding against each other while you’re sleeping. Because it’s made of clear plastic, it’s easy to see when you wear it so you can easily tell if it’s still in place throughout the night. Your dentist will make sure it fits properly before you leave the office. They also may have you wear it down for a few weeks to make sure it’s working properly before finalizing your treatment.

You can return to your dentist's office to have it adjusted as needed. It’s important to have proper wear of your nightguard because if it’s not worn correctly, it won’t provide the proper level of protection you need against bruxism.

If you suffer from bruxism, it’s important to wear a professionally made nightguard at night to protect your teeth from excessive wear. An untreated grinder may notice their teeth becoming shorter that normal and worn down to the roots over time. This may cause discomfort and pain when eating and even lead to tooth loss. Nightguards protect the sensitive parts of your teeth so you don’t feel pain when you’re awake.

Benefits of Nightguards

• Reduce TMJ pain - The nightguard prevents the teeth from touching each other, so it doesn’t cause the teeth to clench or grind together. As a result, it can relieve the pain caused by clenching and grinding. It can even help with headaches that are related to the nighttime symptoms of bruxism.

• Protect your teeth from damage - A nightguard can help protect your teeth from the damage caused by night time grinding. Grinding can lead to worn down teeth, which can then lead to fillings, crowns, and bridges being damaged or needing to be replaced. It can also make existing issues worse if you already have some cavities or are suffering from gum disease.

• Protect your jaw joint - Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the hinge that connects your jaw to your skull. Bruxism can place extra stress and strain on the jaw joint, which can lead to problems with your TMJ such as arthritis, earaches, and ringing in the ears. Using a nightguard can protect the joint and prevent it from experiencing this type of damage.

• Prevent the development of TMD - Clenching and grinding on a regular basis can put you at risk for developing TMD. Fortunately, a nightguard can help prevent this from occurring by protecting your teeth and jaw joints. It can also help treat the symptoms associated with TMD.

• Improve the quality of sleep - When your bite is misaligned due to bruxism, it can cause a number of problems including pain in your jaw joints and muscles as well as stress on your facial nerves. This can make it more difficult for you to enjoy a peaceful night of rest. By wearing a nightguard, you can prevent these issues and improve the chance of sleeping more soundly.

If you think you may suffer from bruxism and are tired of waking up with headaches or sore jaws, ask our dentist Dr. Jennifer Nguyen about a custom nightguard! Schedule your appointment today at Legacy Dental Clinic located at 4224 Gateway Blvd NW Edmonton, AB. (825) 467-8888.

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