Is it Necessary to Go to the Dentist Twice a Year?

Is it Necessary to Go to the Dentist Twice a Year?

Posted by Dr. Nguyen Oct 22, 2021

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Visiting a dentist near you is certainly not the most exciting thing to do, but making a habit of getting dental cleanings twice a year is the best way to ensure that you maintain optimal oral health throughout your lifetime.

While it may not seem necessary to see a dentist every six months, it allows your dentist to keep an eye out for any potential oral health problems while ensuring that your gums and teeth remain clean and healthy. At Legacy Dental Clinic, we are happy to provide dental checkups and dental cleanings in South Edmonton. Here are some reasons that you should consider seeing a dentist bi-annually:

#1 Checkups

Although most individuals follow a good oral hygiene routine at home, there is always a good chance they will miss some areas of their mouth. Having a dental professional perform a thorough exam and cleaning of your teeth and gums is important. Visiting a dentist in South Edmonton twice a year will give your dentist the chance to check on all areas of your mouth, including the ones that are difficult for you to see on your own.

#2 Prevents Oral Health Problems from Progressing

Since dentists are trained in the structure and disease of the mouth, they know exactly what to look for when performing dental checkups near you. They will closely inspect your gum lining, each tooth, tongue, and inner cheeks.

If your dentist notices anything wrong, such as a cavity or gum disease, they will treat it immediately. Seeing the dentist twice a year helps prevent minor problems from worsening. If someone only saw the dentist once every few years, they may not realize that they have gum disease or decay until it is too late to prevent permanent damage. The earlier you can get treatment, the less money you will need to spend on restorative dentistry, and the better your oral health will be in the long run.

#3 Special Tools

Dental offices are equipped with the highest quality dental tools possible. They have access to professional-grade equipment that you can only access when you visit a dental office for dental cleanings near you. Visiting a dentist twice a year is the best way to ensure that your teeth and gums get the best care possible. Dentists have tools that can reach all the spots in your mouth that are impossible to reach on your own at home. Getting treatment using these specialized tools is necessary for maintaining excellent oral health, whether it be getting dental x-rays or fluoride treatments.

#4 Setting a Good Example

If you have young children, taking them with you for dental checkups in South Edmonton will set a great example and show them how important it is to care for your oral health. Many people do not visit a dentist as often as they should, whether because of personal scheduling conflicts or an unwillingness to spend money. Showing young individuals the importance of visiting a dentist regularly will help others to do the same.

While visiting the dentist can seem like a pain, it is a vital part of maintaining good oral health for a lifetime. If it has been more than six months since you last saw a dentist, now is the time to contact our team at Legacy Dental Clinic to book your next dental cleaning and checkup.

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