How Painful Are Dental Implants?

How Painful Are Dental Implants?

Posted by Dr. Nguyen Sep 17, 2021

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Dental implants in South Edmonton are considered by many to be the ideal option for tooth replacement, offering a more natural and durable option than dentures and dental bridges. Yet, unlike these other restorative dentistry treatments, dental implants are surgically placed. Due to the nature of this procedure, many patients ask our team at Legacy Dental Clinic if the process of getting dental implants is painful.

Read on to learn the answer to this question and any other questions you may have about dental implants near you!

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are composed of three distinct parts: a biocompatible implant post, a porcelain custom-designed dental crown, and an abutment that connects the two pieces together. The implant post replaces the tooth root, and the crown replaces the actual visible portion of your missing tooth.

Since dental implants replace both the tooth root and tooth itself, they mimic both the appearance and function of natural teeth.

Is the Placement of Dental Implants Painful?

If you are receiving a single dental implant, you will need to numb the affected area with a local anesthetic. Because of this numbing, you will not feel any pain during the insertion of the dental implant into the jawbone. Luckily, your jawbone has no nerves to send pain signals to your brain so that you won’t feel anything more than some minor pressure and tingling.

If you are getting an entire arch of teeth replaced by dental implants near you, then you will be provided with a general anesthetic before your procedure begins. An experienced dentist near you will monitor your vitals to ensure that you remain safe during your procedure, and you won’t feel any pain or be aware of the surgery. Toward the end of the procedure, your dentist will provide you with a local anesthetic that will ensure your mouth stays numb as you wake up.

Is Healing After Dental Implants Painful?

When the local numbing agent wears off, it is normal to experience some tenderness in the first couple of days. Any pain, however, is typically very manageable. Your dentist in South Edmonton will recommend that you take an over-the-counter pain killer, but some patients don’t need any medication at all. Most people who get dental implants don’t experience any more pain than one would if they got a tooth extraction.

If you notice significant pain after 72 hours, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist to ensure that you are not experiencing any infection.

Although dental implants come with a six-month healing period, you should note that this does not mean a six-month period of pain. This period is better described as the osseointegration period, which is the time required for dental implants to naturally fuse with your jawbone. The hygiene and food guidelines given during this period are not to prevent pain but to allow the implant posts to fuse with your jawbone without complications.

The Bottom Line

While the process of getting dental implants can seem scary, it is important to note that the procedure itself, and the healing period after, are not painful. Dental implants are considered the gold standard for tooth replacement and are well worth the investment of your money and time for a shining, healthy smile that will last you a lifetime.

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