Gingivoplasty and Gingivectomy

Posted by Legacy Dental Clinic Feb 16, 2023

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What is Gingivoplasty?

Gingivoplasty, also known as crown lengthening or gum lift, is a surgical procedure used to reduce excess tissue around a tooth and reshape the gum line. It can be performed on a single tooth or several teeth at once. This procedure is often an elective procedure, but may be necessary to address oral health concerns like gum disease or to make the smile more aesthetically pleasing. 

During gingivoplasty, the dentist will gently remove overgrown gum tissue around the each tooth to expose more of the surface of the tooth and improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile. Excess gum tissue is removed below the gum line to prevent future issues from arising. 

What is Gingivectomy?

A gingivectomy is only performed for medically related reasons, such as an infection or abscess. This can help resolve the gum infection so it can be treated with other procedures that can help clear the infection, such as antibiotics or tooth extractions.

Gingivectomy is also sometimes used for cosmetic purposes, such as a gummy smile. This may encourage the dentist to limit the amount of gum tissue that is shown when smiling. Removing too much of the gums can make the teeth look unnaturally small as well. In most cases, if a patient has concerns about how their smile looks, they should discuss treatment options with the dentist to determine the best solution for their particular needs.

Difference between Gingivoplasty & Gingivectomy

Gingivoplasty and gingivectomy are similar procedures in that they are both used to remove excess gum tissue or to correct gummy smiles that are caused by either genetics, hormones, medications, and/or other factors. Both are healthy ways of ensuring that the teeth do not become easily susceptible to decay, and that both help improve the appearance of the smile. However, the two are different in that gingivoplasty is a cosmetic procedure whereas gingivectomy is medically necessary.

Gingivoplasty uses laser technology to perform the procedure because it can be more precise and accurate than more traditional methods. It is also less invasive and therefore requires a shorter recovery time. Laser gum rejuvenation ensures that gums are healthy and pink in color rather than discolored or gray in appearance. This procedure can be performed on just one tooth at a time as needed, and allows for the replacement of old dentistry methods like crowns, bridges, veneers, and other treatments that are no longer necessary because the health of the patient’s teeth has been restored.

Gingivectomy is used to treat gum disease, which can be caused by plaque buildup along the gum line as well as certain health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and more. It removes bacteria from the mouth that can cause infections in the soft tissues of the cheeks and gums. This treatment can also improve bad breath and reduce the risks of heart attack and stroke since it helps remove bacteria from the bloodstream. The procedure is minimally invasive and performed under local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort throughout and after the process.

Both procedures are safe and effective ways to improve the oral and overall health of patients. To learn more, talk to our Dentist, Dr. Jennifer Nguyen!

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