Root Canal Therapy Near You

The outer layer of your tooth is called the enamel, which surrounds the dentin. Inside the dentin, there are layers of hard tissue that make up the root canal system. The root canal system contains soft pulp that has nerves and blood vessels. The pulp provides the tooth with nutrients, and the nerves in the pulp extend down to the root.

When the tissue becomes infected in the tooth, the roots begin to die, leading to tooth loss if you do not receive proper care. Root canal therapy helps to prevent your tooth from breaking and even from having it extracted. Looking for an office that offers root canal therapy in South Edmonton? We are happy to offer root canal treatment near you.

root canal therapy in south edmonton

Some people encounter no symptoms while their tooth is dying and realize the issue once it’s too late. That is why visiting your dentist once every six months is essential for your oral health so they can identify and prevent any serious issues. The majority of people face some of these symptoms:

  • Severe toothache
  • Sensitivity to very hot or cold substances
  • Pressure in the affected area
  • Small bumps near the painful section of the mouth
  • Darkened tooth colour

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, call our dentist to schedule an examination. Our dentists work hard to catch problems early on and prevent them from advancing.

What to Anticipate When Receiving Root Canal Therapy in South Edmonton

To decide if you need root canal therapy in South Edmonton, your dentist will need to perform an x-ray to identify the reason for your discomfort.

If your dentist recommends receiving root canal treatment near you, they will curate a suitable treatment plan for you. First, your dentist will make sure you are thoroughly numbed. Once you are numb, your dentist will create a small opening in your tooth to access the root canal. This hole is made so that your dentist can take out the pulp and disinfect the affected area. Lastly, your dentist will fill and seal your tooth.

Healing After Root Canal Therapy

Once the procedure is completed, a crown may be placed on your tooth to keep it healthy. Soreness is a common symptom of this procedure and will linger for few weeks. Our dentist works diligently to save your teeth and avoid any complications that may come about. We want to do whatever we can to protect your existing teeth because we understand the difficulties of losing a tooth. That’s why our dental clinic provides root canal therapy near you. Call us today to schedule an appointment and find out if you require root canal therapy in South Edmonton.